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artworks that have a positive effect on the environment

“Without doubt, one of the most life enriching buys”





Notorious Theft green
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Notorious Theft greenish
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Notorious Theft pathfiner
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Notorious Theft Red
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Notorious Theft Turquose
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Notorious Theft yellow
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succes stories

tafjes Thank YOU! Every session was an expperience on it’s own.
You came with a brilliant idea to make a canvas out of our own memories! @javsopor and I had much fun making it. We gave you total freedom in your creation and the end result was BEYOND EXPECTATIONS! A great resemblance of the connection between the two of us. Beautiful Piece of art to seal a 10yrs golden romance! <3 😀
javsopor its def was inspiring working with you.. the canvas came out better then I ever could imagine. Sometimes you just can’t put thoughts in to words and you projected it out in a painting.

Tafjes - Owners of : Golden Coïtus

Als Dolphin Academy hadden wij de wens  om de gasten in onze education hall al een onderwater experience te laten beleven. En dat is meer dan gelukt! Francis Sling kreeg van ons de volledige vrijheid en wist op miraculeuze wijze zijn ‘handtekening’ middels zijn artwork in caribische sprekende kleuren en zijn ongekende Sling-techniek achter te laten. Zeer verheugd zijn we iedere dag weer onze gasten te mogen trakteren op dit werkelijk eindeloze piece of art!

Dolphin Academy Curacao - Manager Operations: Edwin Oostenbrink

3 o’clock romance was commissioned to transform the already striking “building with the tower” at Bitterstraat 1, into an visual beacon of care and respect. Francis changed the building from landmark to impressionist entrance to Curacao’s creative district Skálo.

Street Art Skarlo - Gonneke van den Kieboom
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