The Golden Coïtus

Text By: Tafary (client)
I know Francis Sling from High School and alway’s loved his Art work. My Favorite piece, until last month, is called Milagros. Javier and I decided that it was time to buy our OWN Francis Sling Art. We invited Francis to come over to our place to discuss the possibilities and for him to see our home; the place where the painting would be displayed. Francis came with the great idea to give the painting an extra personal meaning; Jav and I would make the underground of the painting by hand consisting out of received Bday cards, flight tickets, copy of our final thesis, birth announcements of friends, bills, love letters, movie tickets, random personal annotations, advertising brochures, random collected cardboards and so on.
We gave Francis the total freedom to paint something for us…
When we started to build the underground on the 21th of July’15 in his Atelier, we couldn’t expect the big meaning and symbol this painting would have for us 2 months later.
After 10 years of being together and sharing the same dreams… we suddenly noticed in September while talking about our future ambitions.., totally unexpected for not only us but also for our friends and families, that maybe it’s better to continue our lives separately as friends.. this once more is a prove that everything happens for a reason.. Two souls.. connected choose to live together.. now choose to separate even though our souls are still connected.
And now we have our connection represented in a Piece of Art #WeAreAPieceofArt