I may not call myself a patriot, but I believe that it is a beautiful thing to be proud of our flag and who we are as a Curacao people. Ever since the beginning of my journey as a painter I was drawn to portray things that are typical to my roots. The yellow “landhuis, the typical trees, birds and folklore garments. They were always and are still of big influence in my art work.
History tells us a lot about Tula. I think he was a true hero. Not the kind that media sells us with a cape, a mask and maybe even a special uniform. He was the kind of hero to risk his life to fight for what he believed was right; not even expecting any special recognition for his efforts and not only thinking of himself.
The painting of Tula is an acryl on wood two piece art work. I painted him together with one of the three leaders that stood by him through the historical revolt, Bastiaan Karpata. The courage and thrive that Tula showed during this revolt is a true example that individually and as a whole people of Curacao we should also fight for what we believe.
To me it is an honour to give Tula a face that will hopefully be remembered for generations to come. That’s why I chose to not just give him a face, but also a character. Both Tula and Bastiaan are portrayed standing prominent under the light of recognition in a rich coloured but yet nostalgic environment in Curacao.
Why nostalgic? You may ask. Because to me Curacao is more than just blue and yellow flag to identify with. To me it is a rich culture, energetic and warm. It is an ochre heart instead of two stars, to show what our name stands for coraçao…heart. It means having a rich past to embrace, be proud of and learn from.